Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Wed, 24-Apr-2019 9:10pm PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
5 mi SSE of Brawley, CA 2.2 000303189 mi 1556135974Wed, 24-Apr-2019 12:59pm PDT map
6 mi NW of Big Bear Lake, CA 2.3 00011269 mi 1556095072Wed, 24-Apr-2019 1:37am PDT map
14 mi NW of Ludlow, CA 2.2 000176109 mi 1556075753Tue, 23-Apr-2019 8:15pm PDT map
13 mi SW of Primm, NV 2.5 000264164 mi 1556054110Tue, 23-Apr-2019 2:15pm PDT map
7 mi N of Borrego Springs, CA 2.8 000206128 mi 1556038253Tue, 23-Apr-2019 9:50am PDT map
4 mi NNE of Beaumont, CA 2.2 00012578 mi 1556028849Tue, 23-Apr-2019 7:14am PDT map
5 mi NE of Imperial, CA 2.9 000302188 mi 1556012526Tue, 23-Apr-2019 2:42am PDT map
29 mi E of Beatty, Nevada 2.2 000314195 mi 1556011194Tue, 23-Apr-2019 2:19am PDT map
5 mi NE of Imperial, CA 2.3 000303189 mi 1555997399Mon, 22-Apr-2019 10:29pm PDT map
6 mi SSE of Brawley, CA 2.0 000303188 mi 1555993886Mon, 22-Apr-2019 9:31pm PDT map
6 mi NE of Imperial, CA 2.0 000304189 mi 1555991624Mon, 22-Apr-2019 8:53pm PDT map
5 mi NE of Imperial, CA 2.4 000303188 mi 1555991574Mon, 22-Apr-2019 8:52pm PDT map
5 mi NE of Imperial, CA 3.7 000302188 mi 1555989843Mon, 22-Apr-2019 8:24pm PDT map
5 mi NE of Imperial, CA 2.2 000303188 mi 1555982839Mon, 22-Apr-2019 6:27pm PDT map
29 mi SW of Primo Tapia, B.C., MX 3.4 000299186 mi 1555971559Mon, 22-Apr-2019 3:19pm PDT map
38 mi WNW of Beatty, Nevada 2.1 000307190 mi 1555970473Mon, 22-Apr-2019 3:01pm PDT map
37 mi S of Goldfield, Nevada 2.0 000308192 mi 1555970360Mon, 22-Apr-2019 2:59pm PDT map
2 mi NNE of Big Pine, CA 2.0 000302188 mi 1555954130Mon, 22-Apr-2019 10:28am PDT map
25 mi WSW of Carlsbad, CA 2.2 000172107 mi 1555926294Mon, 22-Apr-2019 2:44am PDT map
14 mi WSW of Isla Vista, CA 2.2 000175108 mi 1555921601Mon, 22-Apr-2019 1:26am PDT map
14 mi SSW of Bodfish, CA 2.6 00010767 mi 1555920796Mon, 22-Apr-2019 1:13am PDT map
14 mi SSW of Bodfish, CA 3.3 00010766 mi 1555920770Mon, 22-Apr-2019 1:12am PDT map
2 mi NW of Parkfield, CA 2.1 000263164 mi 1555885033Sun, 21-Apr-2019 3:17pm PDT map
9 mi NW of Lemoore Station, CA 2.2 000267166 mi 1555777572Sat, 20-Apr-2019 9:26am PDT map
11 mi N of Borrego Springs, CA 2.2 000204127 mi 1555622336Thu, 18-Apr-2019 2:18pm PDT map
2 mi W of San Ardo, CA 2.0 000304189 mi 1555605114Thu, 18-Apr-2019 9:31am PDT map
4 mi NE of Aguanga, CA 2.2 000168105 mi 1555592787Thu, 18-Apr-2019 6:06am PDT map
7 mi NW of Mojave, CA 2.1 00007245 mi 1555592056Thu, 18-Apr-2019 5:54am PDT map
5 mi NNW of Borrego Springs, CA 2.3 000207129 mi 1555565521Wed, 17-Apr-2019 10:32pm PDT map
5 mi NNW of Borrego Springs, CA 2.1 000207129 mi 1555562247Wed, 17-Apr-2019 9:37pm PDT map

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.