Here are some links to some other sites that I visit every now and then.

AgenaAstro - A great place to shop They also sponsor

Antelope Valley Astronomy Club - The local club near me.

A list of other Clubs - If you would like your club added, please use this form.

Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers

Astronomy Mall - Free astronomy classifieds

Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss - Excellent site with lots of info on every picture and Photoshop techniques.

Astrophotography by Jeff Stys - Another great site with some good articles on astrophotography.

Fast Photo - Some place to post your photos if you don't have a web site.  You can look at and rate other photos.

Dale Ireland's Astronomy Page

The Eyepiece Calculator - Calculate the power and field of view for your telescope and eyepiece combination

The Griffith Observatory

Observers Page - This the best page of links I have found yet, something for every age and level. - Space news, mission and launch information, and lots of other good stuff.

Juergen Giesen's - A great collection of astronomical Java Applets, featured in the June 2001 S & T

Stargazer online - The Home Page of Richard Bell, yet another cool site with a good list of amateur web sites

Skyhound - What's up in the sky

WOW - Western Observers Webring's site. Check out their "Links" page for a great list of western US clubs, Observatories and Planetariums.

Amateur Observatories - A pretty good list of observatories. Lots of different designs.

NASA - Self explanatory

none - A forecast of seeing conditions at Vasquez Rocks, click chart for a detailed view

International Dark-Sky Association IDA - Lets keep the sky dark!

Another Light pollution article with link to more information an light pollution

Seti@home- Join the search for ET

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