The Telguide

Telguide   Light Wedge

We have received permission from Lightwedge to add the Telrad circles to their Night Vision Reading Light.  The LightWedge┬« Night Vision is a special red light version of the LightWedge Original. The LightWedge Night Vision provides night vision friendly red LED illumination that allows reference to charts, maps and books. With the addition of the Telrad circles, you can have the convenience of the Telguide and the ability to read your starchart at the same time.

The Telrad is without a doubt one of the best inventions ever for the amateur telescope. With a book of Telrad finder charts, it makes locating objects a snap. But what if you don't have the charts or you want to move on from the Messier and Caldwell objects? What if you lost the plastic overlay that came with your atlas? That's were the Telguide comes in.

The Telguide has a lighted Telrad-style reticle, made from scratch resistant Lucite, which you can lay down on the page to clearly see where you need to go on the map. Simply find the object you want to view on your sky chart, place the Telguide over it and line up your Telrad to match the view. The unit has a variable intensity so the brightness can be adjusted to your individual tastes. With it’s edge illumination the unit can also be used as a red flashlight for reading your atlas or taking notes.

The Telguide includes a pouch to protect the unit when it’s not being used. The bag has no Velcro or snaps to hassle with, but it stays closed and is easy to open with cold fingers or while wearing gloves.

With ActonAstro’s Telguide on your star atlas, and a Telrad on your telescope, getting around the sky manually has never been easier. Perfect for Messier 110 and Herschel 400 hunts!!

The Telguide is available for all versions of the SkyAtlas 2000, Uranometria 2000, Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas, and Herald-Bobroff Atlas Charts B and C. The Telguide can also be used with the Rigel Quick Finder.

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